Image Gallery Designer

I decided to make the gallery design more controllable and separate from the actual viewing gallery. This is a link to an editable gallery (no pictures though). This definitely doesn’t work on mobile devices yet. UKCPG Virtual Mansion

Would love to get one of my galleries on the demo page :slight_smile:


Of course!!! pinging @PirateJC

GJ. I like the way you can click on an artwork and it repositions the cam. A very nice idea. Adds to the immersion. Right now, my only issue is that I’m unable to figure how to move around?

This is awesome @Adrianlines !!! I’ve added it to the community demos page!

Should be live in a few minutes.

Thank you :slight_smile: I have added some of my photos to the Gallery Demo to make it more entertaining.

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Thanks for the feedback. I have now added a virtual joystick control and also added a ‘move to location’ function, where the camera will move to a position on the clicked ground.

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This is really cool. I very much like your gallery. One last thing though. It would be good to have a second level zoom on the pictures that would display them in FS (or even to browse as a lightbox, in FS). Your images deserve to be viewed in plain format.

I’ve now added the ability to customise the decor :slight_smile: with three style light/medium and dark. Here is the dark style with some more of my Photographs.

I’am able to mouse-scroll out of the gallery, building and next eventually got stuck. You should may be add a limit to your cam to avoid this issue. Else, it’s all really nice.