Dynamic Human Body customizations using Morph targets


I need Human body customizations for the below avatar in the PG

am looking similar customizations as show below

Pls suggest how this task can be handled


It is done with Morph Targets - Babylon.js docs

Thanks @labris for showing the direction

I just tried with yur logic, trying to make person bit overweight by reading the mesh AvatarBody
somewhere am missing can u just help me…

does your mesh actually have any morph targets/shape keys?

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As @shaderbytes mentioned, your model should have morph targets in order for them to work.
Morph targets per mesh could be seen in the Inspector.

If your model doesn’t have morph targets, in this case morph targets will not work.


Thanks @shaderbytes @labris

is there any way i can add morph targets to the avatar


You may add morph targets in Blender or other DCC tools.

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@shaderbytes @shaderbytes thanks for yur support

am thinking loudly, correct me if i am wrong. trying for a workaround
By adjusting the scaling parameters, able to adjust the body size manually
i adjusted the scale parameter of Nodes AvatarBody, outfit_top, outfit_bottom & outfit_shoes simultaneously

I have 2 questions:

  • from babylonjs how can i read these Scaling parameters

  • How can i adjust the avatar height as unable to get the required Node for this

Pls suggest


Thanks @labris can u suggest some blender plugins for this task. i tried but unable to get it

This is not something you solve by just installing a plugin. It actually requires skill and knowledge. You dont need any plugins to do it, Blender has all the tooling built in to do the job. I suggest you go watch some tutorials on how to do it, or pay a cg artist to do it for you.

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No need for plugins - Introduction — Blender Manual
There is a lot of videos like this -