Dynamic Texture Text appears distorted


I’m using Dynamic Texture to display some text, and I realized that depending on how I configure the parameters of the text size, and dynamicTexture size, such text appears distored, as if it was a painting, more than a text. Here there is a playground to show the issue: Babylon.js Playground

One obvious solution is to play with those values until I reach the definition I like, but I don’t want to be doing this for every text and sizes that I want to create. What I would like to know is a brief description of the theory behind this ‘phenomena’ so that I can tune those sizes values more precisely, instead of following some trial-and-error approach.

Thank you


When you create a dynamic texture of size 15 you are creating a canvas of size 15 pixels by 15 pixels. When you write on it with font size 7px then you only have 7px by 7px to create the letter.

A dynamic texture size 128 means that for a font size of 64px you have 64 pixels to create the letter.