Earthen lockpicking demo

Hi Babylonians,

we are developing a multiplayer action RPG for the browser based on Babylon.js and now we are finally able to show you a little teaser of our work: The lockpicking minigame! We really wanted to take a new approach and do it differently than Skyrim or other RPGs.

This is only a basic version. More features (level progression, lockpicking skill improvement) are coming!

Any feedback is welcome. Enjoy:



i can’t get the lock to open, i’m not worthy enough :pensive:

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Haha yeah it’s a bit difficult at first, it’s supposed to be challenging, you only have a certain amount of lockpicks in the game so you have to spend them wisely.

Try moving the mouse a little slower, then you can avoid breaking the lockpick in most cases.

I did it!!

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Unlocked it.
The progress bar is a nice touch, made me anxious (got caught 1st time).
Also like the audio.
Wanted to see inside after unlocking

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This was one super cool lockpicking system. Also, the sounds are freaky!!! Great job guys!

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As a hobby-lockpicker, I can get most-(ish) locks opened using a half-diamond, quicker than it took me to pick a lock in that game :stuck_out_tongue:
It’s a fun little minigame, and you really want to get it picked as soon as you break your pick.

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This is one of the planned features actually!

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You have a (self-assigned) 1st fan (if not others already).

Favorite game of all time (GOAT) was the very first (oeidos), Thief on PC, before zombies.

Enjoyed the stealth concept very much and missions.

Sorry, excited ideas. Look forward to your planned features… whatever they are.

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