Game Editor (Dad72)


@Dad72 I am unable to Message you on here, I was following your progress on the old forum with your game editor a while back, I see you released for a short period of time here:

Any way for me to get access to it? Please? :heart:



I stopped its development because I did not get any feedback from the users, I had many times ask for feedback to know if I was going in the right direction, if problems were encountered, but on seeing the absence of an answer, I judged that the project was without interest and I therefore abandon it and close.

There is no access to this project now.


Thanks for asking @Ateria, I also have interest in Game Editors, and inspired by @Dad72.

Hello again David. :slight_smile:

I also vote interest for your editor.

The thing about game editors:

They are highly subjective to what your are building.

Finding a one-editor-fits-all is a big challenge.

Not only to MAKE… but also to LEARN how to USE!

Check out BLENDER for example… the thing is massive.

There is terrain editing, ribbon editing, path editing, materials, bones, textures, etc.

It goes forever.

So, in light of that challenge - developed a different strategy:

find tool or customize a tool for exactly what you need - and compile over time.

Put in a namespace pattern in your code - they are always there!

Then, behind GAME_MODE, put an EDIT-MODE

each time you use a tool - you might end up creating a new tool?

It happens. A good example is conversions from local_coordinate to world_coordinate - or origin pivot, etc.

If it is always different, maybe get good at building custom tools?


There are many editors in BabylonJS now… and all are great!

I think @satguru made a nice one… (dont have link) (maybe Gizmo now) ( extended it last year )

and @nasimiasl has a [Geometry Editor]( GeometryBuilder ).

found the vids - hit that LIKE!

Gizmos look really awesome (but I havent used yet):

And there are many variations underneath… (many). :black_heart:

Example: yesterday, I customized a PATH~EDITOR into a Ten-Key-Controller, for keyboard editing (like vim in 3D). Tada!

Because - Ten-Key makes a good precision-control for CAMERA during EDITs.

AND - as a holder to playback (edit) many different ANIMATION-SEQUENCES.

Ten-Key-CTRL has 3 modes now. And seeing many more options… like CURVE EDITING (someday). Intense. :grin:

Hop on over… check it out!

If you need CLASSICAL or TYPESCRIPT - refactor it and it is yours!

I :black_heart: VANILLA so much.

Overall, good to see so many EDITORS.

Maybe after you customize your specific tools - shareback to community? :grin:




@Dad72 that’s unfortunate. I mainly wanted to see how you styled the babylon.gui as I can’t find much on the topic of inventories, etc. Any way you could share atleast that portion of the code, or atleast how you went about it? :slight_smile: I’d be willing to pay at this point, if need be :stuck_out_tongue:

@aFalcon thank you for your thorough reply


Hello aFalcon,

Thank you for your interest in my Web Editor Game Editor.

Most people do not seem to believe in the possibility of making a 3D MMORPG on a browser. Others say that Javascript is not a language powerful enough to create MMORPGs. It must be done in C ++, Java … That’s what I read on other forums.

Today, I am discouraged of development, of programming, of creating tools for others, critics always without even trying things, downloading publishers for free, without ever even saying a thank you, should almost give more money for people to interest use what you provide for free.

In 6 years on Web Game Editor (who has also been named diferently) I have never had a single boost, never received user reviews, never received development aid. I have always been all alone on this huge project. So it’s very hard to keep your motivation and not to question yourself by wondering if you’re wasting your time.

I am now doing carpentry cabinet work, because I like working with wood rather than breaking my fingers on the keyboard in a project that no one has tried to do advance.

I’m sorry for those who have an interest in the project, but maybe you should have let me know before that I closed it. I probably would have thought differently.

I did not give up on BabylonJS because I really like motor and this community, but I need to take a step back with the programming for at least 1 year, because I took a big slap in the mouth. The wall was very thick and I took it full face.


Hear you D72. :slight_smile:

I am former Jav@, C++ AND C# and find them a bit BULKY. In-flexible. Hard to adapt. Personally.

For me, JS is lightweight flexible and perfect for ADAPTING endless animation!

So, I encourage you… :grin:

We take a jump - over the SAME WALL.

Sounds like all of this had good possibility to end at a dead end. Get that.

Recently, I did full reconaissance of that WALL.

YES - it is fine and well! And amazingly… impenetrable!

Smart to take a step back.

I plan to take many shots at it. Because I just want to be an author.

2020 I have to go get job if business remains ZERO.

But when we come back… BABYLONJS is better than ever?

And maybe more opportunity to be a 3D Artist… on the web.

Until one day I just write sci-fi books.

I saw your work - and really liked it!


@Ateria here is something from another thread that may help:

Too many resources!


gizmo is all @trevordev baby :slight_smile:
Great work.
One day I will have to figure out how to use it in my stuff
My stuff, EditControl, is here

just updated to use Modules.
Next step is to update my CharacterController and world editor “Vishva”

Lots of good stuff in your editor.
Don’t give up on it.
But don’t do it for fame or fortune.
Do it because you love it.

If you want people to provide feedback then make it easy for them to use it.
So for example, don’t ask people to immediately register at your site
Nobody likes that.
Also if you want people to download and try your application then make the back end simple.
Use something simpler or more popular.
Maybe nodejs server instead of php server or no sql server instead of mysql server
People will give up quickly if they can’t figure these stuff out.

As far as making a 3D MMORPG on a browser is concerned it is definitely possible.
Seven years back a company called CloudParty created a whole browser based virtual world and game creation engine. Seven years back !! when webgl was still in its infancy.


Awesome! Thank you!

Taking a look… :slight_smile:

Cloud Party looks EXCELLENT!

I want to go… and never leave. :grin:

Great advice (above).

Do it for the love… :black_heart:

@Dad72 - I thought I saw your work and really liked it.

If I remember right - did you do Survival or prison complex…???

I also remember a wood house…?


Yes @aFalcon, I created the Survival demo and the little prison game, as well as a field editor, a MMORPG editor, the GUI CastorGUI library and many other things.

@satguru , I know that a MMORPG can be made with Javascvript. because I did it, that’s what some player / user seems to think.

I do not seek fame and fortune, the glory does not interest me being a marginal and fortune, my editor was free and I provided a lot of things myself to pay.

“Do it because I love it”, that was the goal, but collecting user reviews helps to get it going in the right direction. I did not do it for myself, I think about others, that I think to answer a request.

For the record, when I created this editor, it was to replace another editor who had closed, the community was on and I started to create this editor. It’s 6 or 7 years ago.

In short, I abandon the editor since January 1, 2019. Yes there was a lot of good thing, that must be why nobody used it and did not show interest.


@Dad72 I’m in the same boat dude… I have made so many systems and engines that were fully functional that most of the community just skipped over. Never get any help on anything I am working on unless Delta decides to contribute his time (he seems to be my saving grace 90% of the time). Plus things have never been the same sense the new forum.

I think it may be time for me to move on… after 4 years of service I just really see no end goal. Maybe I’m just being emo but what Dad just said kinda struck a chord with me…

Eh… naw I can quit… this is too much of what makes me happy guys like us just gotta remember that!

But I do feel your pain friend~


It is tough to get help but do not give up guys! Do it for yourself thing I learned was that code if only 30% of the solution whereas developers think it is 99.
The remain 70% are documentation, samples and communication.

I know this is a pity but this is how our world work. On my spare time I created two applications ( and They work pretty well and I’m proud of them but no one care:) I now have to spend far more time to get them know if I want users. So I go to forums, reddit, Facebook etc… This is painful as the only think I like is coding:)

@Dad72 and @Pryme8: We all appreciate your work and projects. Don’t give up if you like what you are doing. Having fun with our own projects is the core of who we are!


^_^, as a legendary philosopher once said:


Thank you Deltakosh for your comment. Yes I know that the coding is around 50% of work and the other 50%, are communication, documentation.

The thing is that communication, advertising, I’m not comfortable with that, I do not know how to do it. So all my projects do not go far.

In any case, I need to go back and can be another project after, because the MMORPG are not really trend I have the impression.

The I change the ideas in carpentry, I create myself right now a large band saw. I model the saw on 3ds max and now I create it in wood.


Congratulations :slight_smile: the only thing that matters is fun




I really liked your Prison Scene - thought it would be a great place for a STORY. :slight_smile:

We try to deliver with PWA.

Anything can happen. : )


I have a publisher project to create stories like the Prison demo, and from time to time I advance over it.


Thank you for sharing the links to the github!
Looking forward to applying what you have created to some of my projects.

Now, just need to write (or find) a character builder (something like how SIMS works).