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HI. This topic is continuation topic from old forum (Slavs - slavian rpg game - Demos and Projects - HTML5 Game Devs Forum).

Unfortonetly i can’t finish my game, because my cousin (3d artist) is off from 3 months, so i decided to make demo from material, which I got from him. For now project is freezed, because i do not have contact with my artist. I just start thinking about pay someone to make all required models for game. So… if someone want to play for demos scenes please visit and create your character!


Looks like great design… : )


This looks cool !! I personally started to work on my MMORPG two weeks ago :slight_smile: More precisely - remake - I already had one with 2D client thus remaking it now to 3D. But it is (sadly) one-man project, thus I will never have such a nice looking models :slight_smile:

How many people working on your game ? Only you and your cousin ? Do you already have some server ? And where are you from ? According to name of your project, I suppose that you are slavic person ? (I am Czech).


Yes - i am slavian from Poland :). Slavs is two person project. My cousin artist 3d and me programmer.

Game is divided to 3 areas:

  1. Frontend client in BJS
  2. Backend socket server with database written in PHP.
  3. Backend in nodeJS with babylonJS null engine to validation attacks and monsters movements.


This keeps amazing me!!


Hmmm… Did someone try to exit from house and fight with monsters? I ask, because i don’t see in any person any experience for kill monsters! :slight_smile:


Hi @FurcaTomasz,

I just tried, but I couldn’t attack the skeletons :slightly_frowning_face:.
I have several errors in the console as you can see in the following screenshot:


Hmmm… interesting - Today i try to fix console errors and check what happen with monsters :D.


It looks awesome !!!


HI, just uplaod update in SlavsGame, so please check game now :). Some bugs also has been fixed, so You can kill monsters and finish two simple quests :).

Also I added for every character 4 active skills. Click 1,2,3 or 4 on keyboard to use. Now I working with some bug related to no reaction after click. To fix that only open developer console and close, then it start work! :slight_smile: I attach video with skills.


Well, I think there’s still a bug. There was a skeleton that died but I didn’t attack it and then I couldn’t do a spell or attack the other one anymore :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I didn’t see any errors in the console.


Hmm, this is very interesting. All docker containers work without any error, also i played in game 10 minutes ago in four tabs to check multi connections problem and i can’t reproduce that :).

Can you share actions, which you make in game to stun skeletons?



@Kheod are you using skills?


@FurcaTomasz I’m really sorry, it just slipped my mind!

In the end I found 2 bugs :

Good luck :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot! I will try to fix that as soon as possible :).


Hello there, may I offer you one friendly advice ? I have ran my MMORPG for 1 year and I have gathered a lot of interesting (sometimes really surprising) experience and I want share one tip with you.

Players today doesn HAVE TIME … that is the most precious commodity in our otherwise rich lives.
If you want them not to leave one minute after they arrived - PLEASE REMOVE that brutal password rules you have, I had to try like 10 passwords to finally gone through it and then – it was disabled until validation email come.

Ideally - let people play without ANY PASSWORD at all - It worked for me like a charm, players just wrote nick and played immediately and later when they wanted, they could add password protection to their accounts.


Yes - this is very good tip. Now i working on play without register, also i change requirements for password. Thanks!

Also i working on mobile client, because this way i can find more players. Browser will be additional option. I will create new post soon with information about mobile app!


Hmm I believe that’s a great tip @stealman !

Let your new players get to get a taste of gameplay ASAP without any barriers.

E.g. the Shell Shock game/project seems to be doing quite well by just requiring the player to type in a Nickname.

Once you start playing for a minute or so you’ll quickly know whether you want to register for a real account (to mark/save your progress).

The landing page for the Slavs game currently freaks me out (accounts? how to continue without?) and is confusing to me to get started. But that may be just me :slight_smile:



This is exactly what I meant, people play browser games because they dont want to bother with installations. They want to click on link and play, lets make that easy for them :slight_smile: it seems like a little detail for us developers, but for players it is really important these days.

#20 (1.4 MB)
Hi! Thanks for replays, i spent some time to prepare draft of mobile version of my game. It is available in attachment - this is only webView, but it is opening in full screen mode and in landscape orientation. Also i made some changes in GUI for mobile.

Would be fine to get some information about performance on your mobile.