EcmaScript load .babylon file

Hello everybody,

I just switch the Wazana Game project to EcmaScript packages. But I have an issue loading .babylon files. The error message is pretty clear:
Unable to find a plugin to load .babylon files
But I can’t find the missing plugin I must add and I already import babylonjs/loaders.

NOTE: I am using the last version: 4.1.0-alpha.14

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can you make sure to import babylonFileLoader ?

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It did solve the issue :ok_hand:

do you mind updating this page to add your finding? (in the FAQ section)

Thanks a lot

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Need help for the pull request, sorry if this is stupid!

I made my changes, commit them, go to the BabylonJS/Documentation repo, create pull request, compare accross fork, choose the branch where my changes are. And I get the message “able to merge” but if I go to the bottom of the page I have the message “No commit comments for this range” which prevent me from creating the pull request. I can’t find anything online about that “No commit comments for this range” :rage:

Does that mean I can’t pull because I haven’t typed a description in my commit? I am pretty lost with that message sorry again.

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Ok that was stupid indeed. I just wasn’t connected to github!

here it is: Update es6 by valentinbdv · Pull Request #1645 · BabylonJS/Documentation · GitHub

I added 4 missing modules and updated two in the existing list which from my experience needed to load two other modules and not one.

One small update related to sounds and es6 modules.
The doc is ok, there was a bug, more details - Sound and es6 modules
Same for dds Loader - no need for Misc, but I’m using only this function CubeTexture.CreateFromPrefilteredData(dds link, scene)
And totaly agree with the others. Cheers!

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Yup totally in sync with @MarianG on this one :slight_smile:

Yep I included the Audio/audioEngine in my pull request.

I think this is easier just saying to include the Misc/dds instead of explaining we have to use a specific function? Plus it doesn’t work in my case as I simply use the assetManager.

Thanks :wink:

To be more specific I use:

assetManager.addCubeTextureTask(name, url);

And in that case I need to import Misc/dds

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