Eiffage - Hyperion project @ Bordeaux (France) ; by Axeon Software

You may seen this project on the babylonjs.com homepage : Bordeaux Hyperion


This 3D realtime scene is part of a commercial webpage where you can know a lot about your future appartment buying.

This is not a personnal project, but a corporate one, by Axeon 360.

Technically talking, this scene asks for medium-high hardware, due to the fact that we have a lot of drawcalls with floors cutting (and yep, could be a lot greater using clipPlanes, 'will use it next time).

In case you take a look on the code, you may see a tool we use to ease a lot designers’ workflow : it will be open-source released during 2019… teasing spotted! :sunglasses:


It is about time:)

It’s fine, time is relative :sweat_smile: