Ellipse very pixelated and black dots on the edges! Can I improve the quality of an ellipse?

I have the problem that the ellipse is very pixelated.

I have written a small example in the playground:

In this example the ellipse is not so mutch pixelated. It looks different in our application.

My Question is can I improve the quality of the ellipse? If yes how?

My research showed that there is a function that improves the quality, but thats not perfect! engine.setHardwareLevelScaling(0.5)

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

You should not push(new SubMesh(...)) but simply do new SubMesh(...) as the latter will already push the submesh into the plane. By doing a push you end up having twice the number of meshes in the plane (4 instead of 2).

To improve a bit the aliasing, set useAlphaFromDiffuseTexture to true:


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Thanks for your answer!