EmissiveTexture and DiffuseTexture Blender Incorporation

How to bring emission and diffuse textures as one?
or What’s a better approach to bring in Blender Textures or Materials?

Did you try to export your scene as a gltf and then load in like in this doc page?

Not so much answer, but just a couple of things to check when everything is black when using textures, UV’s & lighting:

  • Make sure you have UV’s on the mesh. Your PG uses MeshBuilder geo, which should have them, but all you will get is black if you export without it.

  • Your pg also uses std materials. That either requires lights and / or emissive channel. Also, GLB probably has to be PBR materials. That requires lights and / or environment textures.

It’s working now. I had to use:

cubesMaterial.useEmissiveAsIllumination = true;