Engine taking 1 Minute to download?

GM, Small project that took 10 seconds to load, suddenly starting taking 10 minutes since yesterday.

After profiling, We saw the 3D models were taking 8 minutes to load, we tried from 3 different hosting providers for our .Obj files, and getting the same results every time.

Until today I noticed the Babylon.Js file Is also taking 1 whole minute to download. And this is coming directly from the Babylon Js CDN.

This left us puzzled as to where to go from here, because only the Babylon Js engine related scripts and assets in our sites are taking long times to download, ISP trottling us ? The Browsers? the CDN? The hosting ? There has not been any significant Code change since this week, And all our 3 sites have somewhat similar scene, all got affected at the same time.

Edit after solved: It was a combination of Internet Connection problems and Optimization on our end ! Thanks babylon JS forums

It can also come from your internet provider where your download is sometimes low if there are people on the same line.

Thank you, Upon further research, several other babylon JS experiences are taking their time even thought they are very simple 20MB loads.

Oddly enough browsing Sketchfab and browsing their models is buttery smooth. Cannot pinpoint exactly the loading issue.

The babylon CDN is using Azure CDN service. I don’t remember ever experiencing such a slow download. might be a temporary issue? or is it constant? Are you sure you download from cdn.babylonjs.com ?

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Thanks for the reply! , Yes loading directly via script in the site header. I am still digging into the behavior, but downloading anything thought babylon takes its time, compared to loading it through another source.

Did some tests just now. There seems to be an issue with azure in certain regions! Though their status page is rubbish.
If you are in one of those regions:

The rest are reporting < 500ms download time.

Anyhow - this is only temporary. I don’t remember ever seeing numbers like that. but if it constantly happens to you it would be great to know what region you are at


This is the Site, It doesnt happen constantly, Site has been worked on for a month, and just like that 2 days ago the “trottling” started.

Wow, you are loading a LOT of scripts.

On my connection I get this for the babylon script:

But queueing took quite some time, I guess because of other pending requests. and the fact that babylon runs in an iframe

Can I recommend you to minimize the amount of scripts the page is loading, and also be sure you are only downloading the babylon packages you actually need? I doubt you need more than the babylon UMD package. And you probably don’t need jquery, or dat gui, or any physics engine.

thanks for taking the time to look into this ! , and yes, we were leaving optimization of the scripts for last, but this took priority due to the extreme load we were experiencing. Jquery needed to load the fonts inside, etc. The iFrame due to Wix site.

Will reduce the scripts and then check back, but as displayed before in here

and seeing your 5 second load , this is probably a problem on our end

took 2.5 seconds on my internet and currently i dont have great internet. The undersea cable to our continent is damaged and all our ISP’s are using their backup connections to keep us connected but at reduced speeds.

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Thanks for taking the trouble to profile our site, It seems it was a combination of bad Internet speed (Our team is located in the same area) and the amount of scripts we had loaded into our site. And who knows if the Azure delays shown in the forums had something to do with it too, for now we are just focusing on compressing the Models and reducing as much load as possible to make sure the experience loads properly during bad bandwidth times. If I find a definitive solution I will post it here, thank you.