Enlarge the thickness of the axes in gizmos

hello , i’m using many object in my scene with gizmos actions and i want to enlarge the thickness of the axes in gizmos :

thanks for help :slight_smile:

There is the scaleRatio property but it scales the gizmo uniformly.

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thanks @Cedric for ur time :slight_smile:
i can just modify the thethickness of the axes or not !

It’s possible to set a new mesh for rotation gizmo but not for translation.
I’ll add that feature in the coming days. So, you’ll be able to change the default meshes with thicker versions.

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I believe the definition of “thickness” is the problem here. I already answered how to do it with the current state of the gizmo just to understand what was needed (here - Change direction for Z axe in gizmos). But I don’t understand what thickness refers to here

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thanks @Cedric and @RaananW for ur times :slight_smile:
abour line thickness i mean font weight of line of gizmos ( en français leurs épaisseurs) .

I was wondering if this feature had been added. I have not seen anything like it in the doc and in the code. I would also like to give a little more thickness to the gizmo without enlarging them (just the thickness, the diameter of the arrow, the cubes and axes on the position, rotation and scaling).

Why ?
I find them very fine and it is difficult to catch them with the mouse unless you point precisely at them. Giving them more thickness would solve this problem.

Thank you!

I’m working on gizmos ATM and this feature is on my list. So, you can expect a PR in the coming days. Thank you for your patience.


PR is live Gizmo axis thickness by CedricGuillemet · Pull Request #8556 · BabylonJS/Babylon.js · GitHub

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Thanks for this feature