Increase axis thickness of BABYLON.BoundingBoxGizmo

hello ,
i have adding a BABYLON.BoundingBoxGizmo for many mesh , the axes of scaling are not very clear that’s why i want to enlarge there thickness .
PG :

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Hi! This was discussed (and solved) here - Enlarge the thickness of the axes in gizmos


I have already read this discussion and noticed that @Cedric added a new feature but i don’t any playgroung exemple or how i can use this new parametres of thickness.

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Notice the initialization of the gizmo manager: (and click one of the meshes to see the gizmo)

i initialize gizoms like this :

for scale : const gizmo = new BABYLON.BoundingBoxGizmo(
pg :
for rotation : this.gizmo = new BABYLON.RotationGizmo(this.utilLayer);
like that i can’t add the new params ?

@Cedric will be able to provide a better answer :slight_smile:

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Hi @issam_abdelhedi

The gizmo axis thickness can be change for rotation/position/scaling gizmo, not the boundingBoxGizmo.

Like in this PG:

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