EquiRectangularCubeTexture Bug?

the EquiRectangularCubeTexture when loading the texture is referencing a property that does not exist?

Shouldnt it be texture.textureFormat?

Can you share a repro ??? I can not find it in the code

its not dropping an error in the PG for some reason but here is the offending line of code:

texture.format does not exist so I’m not sure why this is not giving more problems?

All I know is in our production code its freaking out about this and keeps giving us problems as we try to use the class.

Here is the error we are getting.

texture is an internalTexture in this context so it is fine, textureFormat does not exists on it:


I think it has been fixed ultra recently so might not be on npm so far.

I ll queue a new package.

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Hmm you are right, because its this._texture. Interesting.

I can for sure console log out (eqTexture as any)._texture.format; So I wonder why its yelling at me at all?

Is this something to do with the projects webpack?

Also I did ensure that the texture was loading, it just cant be turned into the cube texture.

Also to add to the information, it works when I roll the all the dependencies back to 6.21.1

Can you share a repro please ? it looks like a regression from recent changes and I d like to fix it

I don’t know how to reproduce it, its only on the webpack project that we are running.

When we do it in the playground everything seems fine so its got to be something with our webpack I’m assuming?

can you try with 6.21.3

Yes sir I can! Give me a few mins.

6.21.3 does not drop the error but the behavior of the sky sphere texture is super borked.

The 6.21.1 looks like this:

And this is what 6.21.3 does:

It looks impossible to fix without a repro unfortunately :frowning:

The version is identical to the one in the playground and webpack would not do that.

Weird, let me ensure that the error was not dropping with the 6.21.3 again then because that makes no sense that they would behave differently.

Hmm yeah its not creating the error. I’m stumped.

This might be a cache issue I am fixing here: Texture cache fix by sebavan · Pull Request #14360 · BabylonJS/Babylon.js · GitHub

Lets try back once this is merged

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