Error after clone repository from GitHub

Hello guys, i need a help about this problem. I don’t know if this problem is Babylon related or not. My project works in local, but when i push him on GitHub and later i try to clone him on other PC via SmartGit i get error after instaling node_modules and running npm run develop, after loading localhost9000 i get this error in console.

Thanks in advance.

The problem does not look like a babylon problem but an issue in your repo unfortunately :frowning:

Maybe @RaananW knows what regenerator runtime is?

MyLoadingScreen is not a constructor can come from different compilation targets (i.e. es5 vs. es and up).

Regenerator runtime is a facebook project (regenerator-runtime - npm) or (GitHub - facebook/regenerator: Source transformer enabling ECMAScript 6 generator functions in JavaScript-of-today.) which transforms from es6 to es5 (and more). I never used it, so I can’t really help with it, but it seems like it is not included, and you are not converting to es5, and this is the source of your error.


I fixed it by deleting Babel.js file