Error TS8020: JSDoc types can only be used inside documentation comments


I don’t have a good way to put this into a playground example, we use BabylonJS throughout a large enterprise software project to handle our manufacturing drawings. 5.49.0 works fine, but we get this error in 5.49.1 or higher:

There’s something it doesn’t like about our import statements from the GUI package in 5.50.0:

In 5.49.1 and 5.49.2, all of our imports were broken:

But as of 5.50.0, it seems like it’s only imports from the GUI package. We’re using the long-term stable version of Angular 14. We’ll roll back to 5.49.0 for now, but I thought I’d mention it because I didn’t see anyone else report it yet. Thanks.

Thanks for the report! pinging @RaananW

Oh, I just experienced that as well! I will work on a fix very soon :slight_smile:


[XR] fix declaration by RaananW · Pull Request #13614 · BabylonJS/Babylon.js (