Error when adding InstanceMesh

Hi All,

I created a RenderTargetTexture, and then added an instanced mesh to it. It give me the following error::

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property '_internalAbstractMeshDataInfo' of undefined
    at t._activate (babylon.js:16)
    at t.render (babylon.js:16)
    at t.render (babylon.js:16)
    at main.ts:37
    at e._renderLoop (babylon.js:16)

It works fine with Meshes though.
What could be wrong?

Want to create a playground for us? would be easier to debug

Instanced mesh in RTT does work, see last sample in How to use RenderTargetTexture and run multiple passes - Babylon.js Documentation.

Seing your error message, it seems you put an undefined variable in your RTT instead of a regular mesh.