Error when trying light.excludedMeshes.push(button3d)

Hello everyone, I am trying to create a Button3D that works as a billboard in a way that is not affected by Lights.

When I try to add it to the excluded meshes, the playgrounds throw the error:

s[a]._resyncLightSource is not a function


Is it the right way to do it?

Button is not a mesh, so it doesn’t have the required functionality to work. You can do this:

Billboard Button3D Bug | Babylon.js Playground (

and remove button.mesh, which is the underlying mesh of the 3d button


I suppose another solution would be to change it to a holo button, then you can work it through the material by setting the ‘backMaterial’ to ‘disableLighting’. Something like this:


Thank you for the answers @RaananW and @mawa! I end up creating a custom 3d button.

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