Errors occurred after updating from 4.2.0 to alpha 40 about opening NME in inspector

this.BJSNODEMATERIALEDITOR is undefined when calling _createNodeEditor(). I was wondering if there is something that the commit did not take into consideration.

_createNodeEditor is called by edit, which is setting the property by doing this.BJSNODEMATERIALEDITOR = this.BJSNODEMATERIALEDITOR || this._getGlobalNodeMaterialEditor();.

If it’s undefined, it means _getGlobalNodeMaterialEditor() returns undefined, which in turn means you didn’t include the right package (I think).

@tanpopo could you share a repro ??? I d be happy to have a look

Are you using all the same versions of your dependencies ??? also you might need to update to 42 if dependencies are dynamically loaded.

@Evgeni_Popov @sebavan
I did not include the editor package when using 4.2.0, so is it necessary to include the editor package in 5.0.0? But if so, I can never get the editor prototype by loading NodeMaterial.EditorURL, maybe it should be deleted?

This is really hard to tell what is wrong without a repro.

  1. Make a breakpoint at first line of promise in edit()
  2. Click the editor button, and delete BABYLON.NodeEditor, i.BJSNODEMATERIALEDITOR and NODEEDITOR (If I did not include the editor package, they all should be undefined)
    There will be an error in 5.0.0, but it works fine in 4.2.0

Will be fixed with Fix Node Editor popup by sebavan · Pull Request #11013 · BabylonJS/Babylon.js · GitHub in the next nightly

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Thank you!