Escape Room game, sorry texts are only in Finnish

Here is a link to a Escape Room type of game made with BabylonJS Escape Room
The game is only in Finnish language, because it is used to teach media literacy mainly for children between 10-16.
I can provide English translations for text’s and solutions for the puzzles if somebody is interested in playing the game. It should also work on most phones.


Great job!

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@PirateJC that is definitely deserving a place on our homepage :wink:

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Very cool!!! @Taps - Would you be ok with us adding this to the Babylon.js community creations page?

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Thanks guys! @PirateJC Yes you can put it in the creations page.

Posting some screens. Sorry post spamming, but as a new user i can only post one picture per post

There are three rooms in total, and between 2-3 puzzles per room.

This is now on the community web page!!!

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The virtual joystick shows only on iphone except on android