Examples with glb files

Hi, I am newbie to babylon.js but I am an intermediator in three.js , Now I am trying to learn babylon js. Can somebody share some examples with source code in babylon js

Hi! On the playground you have some examples

You also have others examples here: The Meshes Library | Babylon.js Documentation

Of course I suggest you to read the doc’ :wink: https://doc.babylonjs.com/

After three.js, it will be a piece of cake for you to understand BJS. Simply remove all the unnecessary parts;)

Edit: Blender and BJS can team-up quite nicely in a workflow. Hope to see you soon…

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Nice to hear this positive message @mawa . How to use Draco Decoder to load compressed .glb files.

I’m not sure of your question. Are you making a portage of a three.js project to bjs or just creating your scene/workflow with/for BJS?
You might want to look at this:

Edit: If your project is already in ‘three.js’, may be you could share the link with the community and may be it could also make for a nice case study?
I have been ‘evaluating’ BJS for 1 year (understand for all of 2020 or all of #Covid:wink:
also had solid bg on digital project mgmt and framworks and avg to intermediate knowledge of ‘the competitor’ (three.js) and was supported with some invaluable expert’s input for both frameworks.

My conclusion: As I have stated many times in this forum, I think We/Humanity and the digital world need BOTH (and eventually, more…). As I stated many times in this forum, BJS delivers its tagline and promise of ‘simplicity reimagined’ ++ (@microsoft) it also delivers the method, the alliances and the philosophy/pillars, with consistency and care. I’m not saying ‘three.js’ is not but obviously, this the BJS forum, isn’t it;)
For my part and at this point, and as long as it remains this way, I have an inclination for BJS (probably due to a number of reasons including my designer/creative’s roots;) But, then playing the role of a PM for my clients, I would clearly use the framework and workflow/pipeline that better serves the project (the numbers and objectives). They are both OK to use in 2021. And they are just 2. Isn’t that where we really stand today?

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It’s automatic, just load your .glb file and it will work.

…and welcome aboard!


That’s nice. Thank you

how didn’t I think of this answer? Is there any better was to explain this :smile:

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What is the difference between MeshAssetTask and ImportMesh ?

MeshAssetTask is part of the AssetManager and let you handle different types of assets. ImportMesh only deals with meshes. MeshAssetTask is calling ImportMesh in its runTask method.

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