Excluding meshes/surfaces from navmesh walkable area

Hello everyone,

We managed to import a GTLF file to use as a scene model. The objects that touch the ground are nicely excluded from the navmesh. But we also have a table in our scene, and when I include it in the meshes to be considered for the navmesh, I get the following result:

This, in itself is not really a problem -except that the player can spawn on the table :slight_smile:

Is there a way to make the table not-walkable? an obstacle? what would be the right -and scalable- approach here? @Cedric :slight_smile: ?

Hi @Mengu_Gulmen

I would try to tweak minRegionArea to exclude small areas from the navmesh.


Thanks a lot, will try and report back!

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It worked!
Thanks mate, you’re my hero :smiley:

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