Expanding Instanced meshes

Requesting someone to extend InstancedMesh to allow multiple instances of a mesh to be attached to multiple different skeleton’s bones; allowing an InstancedMesh to have its own parent, I think.
Also, its own Material would be cool.

An instance inherits the parent’s material. For an object to be its own parent or to change the material of copy object you must cloned. An instance is not a clone of an object.


After looking at a similar question with how UE4 does it, I can understand the limitation on the material.
But, should changing the parent really require a new mesh? I’m not asking about how it’s done currently in Babylon.JS, I’m asking if it can actually be done.

It is already the case actually. Instances can have different parents

In 3.3.0, when I create a mesh, then create instance A, B, and C, and I attach either instance to a bone of another mesh, all other instances are then attached to that bone.
I may have been incorrect in assuming this had to do with parents, and I maybe should have brought it up originally.

No worry:)