Instanced Meshes with Node Materials

I am conducting an investigation into why each InstancedMesh of a Mesh with a Node Material has its own separate draw call. Any clues @Evgeni_Popov ?

You may notice that even all materials are disposed there are 5 draw calls for your model.
So, the problem is not related to Node material.

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Thanks @labris . I still wonder why the copies show up as Instanced Meshes yet each have their own draw call. Perplexing.

You are assigning a different material to each instance so it can not work

Instances have no materials per se or rather use the one from their parents.


Thanks @sebavan . Can you share a pattern by which I can create instances of a mesh that has a node material?

Here is the example -
See also docs here - Instances | Babylon.js Documentation


Thanks so much @labris . Have a most rewarding day!