Explorer Project


I have been vacillating about whether to post my current project here or not, mainly because it is no where near finished yet, but I thought some people might like to see what I have been doing and where I am up to. I don’t get to work on it full time so sometime the progress is slow.

It is a series of scenes that can be viewed in VR or just the browser and the first two scenes Lab & Planet will become part of a school incursion program, which will be guided by a facilitator. The other scenes are more for self-exploration.

A major part of the project was to setup communications via WebRTC to allow screen casting of what the students are seeing and also streaming content into the headsets (displayed on an in-scene screen). Currently I am streaming in a webcam feed, screen capture (eg powerpoint) and a 360 video. Being able to monitor battery level of the headsets was also important.

The project is in React and I use a mixture of thin instances, node materials, included glsl fragments and a bunch of other things.

Here are some screenshots and you can try it out here OzGrav Explorer App
there is still a long way to go and lots of improvement needed to the visuals.

This is the control program showing 6 users in different scenes

One of the scenes with controls on.

and the control program streaming into the scene…


This is huge !!! @PirateJC we need to do smthg with it :slight_smile:

@MarkM - This looks awesome! I’m so glad you decided to share it with the community! Even work in progress it’s looking really amazing.

When you feel ready, please let me know and I’ll draw some more attention to it for you. We can put it on our community website as well as tweet about it. No pressure at all of course, but if/when that sounds good to you, let me know and we can make that happen!

Your idea is great. The subject of live video playback is very important and we must have a comprehensive solution for it