Export custom properties in glb metadata

Hi, is there a way to add custom property to glb model in blender and import it to babylonjs ?
Example: I want to be able to specify objects that will have shadows, would be nice to add property withShadow: true in blender and import object with this property to babylonjs

Click mesh, then use Custom Properties tab in Blender.

When exporting GLB make sure you check Custom Properties checkbox.


Thank you as always :grinning: !

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Faced with issue when some meshes doesn’t load extra properties, properties are definitely there because when imported into blender they are saved.

GLB example:
frame.zip (5.6 MB)

I believe this is because of how the model is done in Blender.
It has 1 mesh and 2 materials there.
In GLB it has the Transform node with your extras and 2 mesh primitives without any extras.
You may try to make separate 2 meshes in Blender and assign the relevant material and extras to those meshes.

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Yes, you are right, merged meshes lose properties

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