Export sandbox to Playground

I’m using sandbox to configure my gltf file. But I have 2 question

1)Could I export it to playground?

2)How can I see the initial position of a node? (I can transform it but I can’t see the original)

I use the sandbox like a GUI, I think that it’s the best method to create changes without code.



  1. What do you mean by export to playground? You can load external assets from the PG using this doc: Using External Assets - Babylon.js Documentation
  2. Can you elaborate on initial node position? The one in the inspector is its current position

Hi @Deltakosh and thanks.

The question 1 is about export the code (like ‘export replay code’ but directly to the PG). Now if I need to change something, Go to the inspector/sandbox, export the ‘replay code’, copy this code to my own code and test. I can do it in PG but I think that is more useful if I could do it from the sandbox ‘export to PG’).

I can use PG and include the inspector but again I can’t change positions from the inspector and it can not make this change in real time in the code. Or can I?.

The question 2 is How can I do to know what the position (‘x’ ‘y’ ‘z’) of a node, from the inspector or with some function? I only see that I can transform the position and I do not see the initial.

I need this because I have some nodes that I have to move automatically downwards and others up and I depend on where they are. Add more info:

I have children and parents. If the parents look down, I know that their children will too. Is there any way to know?

This is what I do not understand :slight_smile: Why can’t you change the position using the inspector?