Export the Scene without Skeletons but keep the deformed state

Hello all,
I have a GLB model which is deformed using skeletons, is there a way to export the scene (via code) without Skeletons but keep the current form (like freeze it or something). The reason why I need this is because when I export the scene to a glb file and put it into google model-viewer, it seems like the AR mode for iOS doesn’t support Skeletons and the scene appears in AR exactly as in Babylon sandbox when the Skeletons are turned off.

P.S I am not using any animations so those aren’t needed.

Thanks and I hope I am clear

You would need to bake the current state into the vertices data which would be quite involved :frowning: Could you check with the model viewer ppl why skeleton are not supported ? it is probably the best way to solve it for the community.

Yes, there is a way to deform a mesh with a skeleton, if the mesh is set to deform on the cpu. then the geometry will be changed as an artifact. You could then toss the skeleton or skeleton.doNotSerialize = true; & export.

For each mesh.computeBonesUsingShaders = false; so deform occurs on the cpu.

I am of no help with iOS. My sarcastic response is call 1-800-APPLE


oh completely forgot about this one :slight_smile: GG @JCPalmer !!!

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Wow, this did the job. Thank you very much

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