How to unbind skeleton without changing the mesh transforms?

Hey ya’ll,

How do I effectively unbind a skeleton from a mesh without impacting the mesh transform/scale/size?
I know about mesh.skeleton = null, however that impacts the mesh transforms by removing the skeleton bone matrices from the mesh.
Is there a solution to unbind a skeleton while preserving the mesh transforms? (without using bakeCurrentVertices)

Been scratching my head on this for a while…

Here’s a sample PG

Here is the original

Then after mesh.skeleton = null

Since the skeleton matrices for this mesh are like 1000x…

You might use smthg similar to this ? Export the Scene without Skeletons but keep the deformed state - #5 by e551

Ohh nice that kinda worked

But it glitches/disappears sometimes if the camera zooms in?

Here’s the PG

EDIT: I’ll post this as a bug in another thread :slight_smile:
Thanks @sebavan !