Possible to export a Blender scene with each imported GLB model having it's own __root__ node?

The general gist of what problems I’m encountering can be found here : Stuck on finding the correct orientation of a mesh lookAt() and mesh disappearing when approaching it

In summary :

  1. Right now the easiest way I have found for using models with animations and all that in my scene is via loading them separately from the rest of the level via code. This creates the problem of not having an external editor like Blender so I can place them in the scene where I want them to be. So it’s either guess work fiddling with x,y,z positions manually OR by creating an empty mesh in my Blender scene in a position I desire and then having the separately imported models get the scene of that empty mesh.
// Root node of skeleton enemy
var skeleton1 = scene.getTransformNodeByName("SkeletonArmature").parent; 
// Get the position of the empty mesh from Blender created scene 
skeleton1.position = scene.getTransformNodeByName("SkeletonPosition1").position;
  1. I imported the mesh with its animations and all that but that works only for that particular imported model. Cloning doesn’t clone the skeleton animations and the easiest way,according to a forum search, is to just reimport the model. How can I do that with the assetmanager ? Do I need to have “Enemy.glb”,“Enemy2.glb”,“Enemy3.glb” etc and load them ?

So the easiest way to beat all my problems would be what the title suggests. It seems that when you import many glb models in blender the root nodes of each merge when exported so if I could make that not happen it would be so helpful.

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Hey, thx for that info, HD! Sorry for the slow replies. Have you made progress?

At least we have bumped the topic, after a 5 day snooze. :slight_smile: Sorry. Stay tuned.

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I just did what I outlined in the 1st option. In Blender I put two empty meshes in certain positions. Via code I load two identical “Skeleton1glb”, “Skeleton2.glb” models into my scene. On load I put said skeleton models at the position of the two empty meshes I created in blender.

It’s a bit dirty but it works. Can’t really figure out any better way :frowning: