Exporting large scenes to GLTF (Range error)


Hi folks,
I’m trying to export a scene to GLTF, however the exporter fails with a RangeError, I appear to be running out of memory (call stack below). We are using Chrome and ideally should to be able to support 32-bit to support embedded chromium. The resulting file should be importable into Blender or other 3D software.

We use fairly complex meshes, the playground scene above loads a mesh with 40k verts and clones it in a grid. on 64-bit chrome the export fails at about 20x20 models, and on 32-bit as low as 8x8, however this has been inconsistent.

Has anyone else run into this limit? Can anybody offer a solution to export large scenes such as a different format, multiple .bin files, etc? Can we instance with gltf, writing a single model to the .bin but reference it many times?
We would be open to running the export in a spawned NodeJS instance with more memory access if that could help solve our problem?
Any ideas would be very welcome.


react_devtools_backend.js:2557 RangeError: Array buffer allocation failed
at new ArrayBuffer ()
at e.resizeBuffer (babylonjs.serializers.min.js:1)
at e.setUInt32 (babylonjs.serializers.min.js:1)
at e.setPrimitiveAttributesAsync (babylonjs.serializers.min.js:1)
at babylonjs.serializers.min.js:1

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Adding @Drigax but I’m not sure there’s a simple solution if it’s an out of memory problem…