ExtrudePolygon depth in --Y Direnction?

BABYLON.MeshBuilder.ExtrudePolygon, give a positive depth but extrude along negative y axis direction, this is counterintuitive!

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Welcome @11123 !!!

This is really hard to tell without a repro in the playground ?

You are correct - extrudePolygon uses an earlier method polygonMeshBuilder which also does this.



It is not possible to change this because of backward compatibility.


Thanks for your guide, Babylonjs is a excellent 3d library, it seem aim to game dev. but my work is construct some house model in a simple way, so I need to operate the mesh data.

This is certainly possible and there are a number of examples of projects like this on https://www.babylonjs.com/, scroll down and click the more link.

Here is the start of one way Using Build a House from a Floorplan - Babylon.js Documentation.

There are many ways to do this from Positioning, Rotating, Scaling - Babylon.js Documentation to Create Custom Meshes - Babylon.js Documentation

All the best for your project.