Fade highlight layer

Is it possible to smoothly fade in/out highlight layer? Since addMesh only works with solid Color3, seems like manipulating color alpha wouldn’t work…

You can use neutralColor property: Babylon.js docs

Corresponding example PG:


Nice trick :heart_eyes:. One would need to think of it. Bookmarked, thanks for that and have a great day :sunglasses:

Nice trick indeed!

Looks like it only works with inner glow?

I believe it works with both as per this PG

Edit: OOps, apologies. I believe it doesn’t. At least, not just like this. :thinking:
@Takemura any thoughts about this? Thx,

Just for fun I made a little HighLightLayer subclass with a property to control the intensity (it works for both inner and outer glow). And then animated the intensity from 0 to 1. Here it is if you want to play around with it. :slight_smile:


@Blake This is awesome!

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Yes, I say ‘Yes’ :yum: