Fantastic 3D Dice

I wanted to share with the community a project I’ve been working on for a couple of years now. With the latest release of BabylonJS I thought now would be a good time to bump my project up to a version 1.0 release.

This is a 3D dice rolling module for use with JavaScript apps. It’s been released on NPM and isn’t too hard to get up and running with. Highly configurable physics and very performant. Let me know what you think.

Thanks to the BabylonJS community for all the help over the years. I found tons of answers to questions I had among the forums and in the code playground.


This is GREAT!

i rolled 100 d6 on my laptop … ran super smooth. interesting project . well done.

Can you add a twist to it so that the casino always wins (undetected)? I believe it would be a requirement to make it a commercial success with this mafia… oops, sry, clients :wink:
Jokes apart, very neat project. I luv it :heart:

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This is SO COOL! I don’t play DnD, but gosh I have to control myself to not start collecting dice, they’re soooo pretty! I love how customizable everything is :smiley: Coincidentally, @PatrickRyan just gave us AMAZING dice that looks a bit like this one :smiley:

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And this is exactly what I needed yesterday as I was missing a dice :slight_smile: A shame I did not open the forum before !!!

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