D&DBeyond & babylon.js

We just released our alpha version of digital dice to subscribers, where you can roll dice on your character sheet with a click of a button (and even change your dice sets!). We switched from three.js to babylon.js after the 4.1 update. Thank you guys at babylon for your awesome tool and thank you for answering all our questions / bugs so quickly!


This is so fricking cool! Love it!


@PirateJC this must be on our page ;D

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@Wigen, I want to roll ALL THE DICE! Your implementation looks awesome! Congrats on your release. Can’t wait to see what you do in the future.

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@Wigen, I couldn’t help myself, so I went and subscribed to try out your implementation. It looks amazing and I really appreciate your full screen canvas that seamlessly merges your 2D and 3D elements. Really well done! Congratulations on a feature that should be very impactful for your users!


Oh heck yes! I’m adding this to the website right now!

@Wigen - Is there a URL I can point people to so they can try it out? I can point them to the YouTube video, but prefer to use live URLs so people can actually get a real feel for the experience.

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Rock on! Thanks @PatrickRyan!

Sweet @PirateJC :smiley:

Since its still in Alpha and subscribers only. The only way you can see anything is from the video or being or your character sheet as a subscriber.

Digital Dice - D&D Beyond is our landing page and you can see it if you are unsubscribed or anonymous.

If you have the dice (currently just as a subscriber) the my-dice page is how you configure them.
Once we get closer to Beta you will be able to view all your sets you’ve earned or purchased from the my-dice page.

So sadly there isn’t a link yet for people to use them without being a subscriber.

This is just the beginning and we already have big plans and stuff in the works to show off what babylon is doing for us :slight_smile:

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No problem. I’ll point them to the video for now, but the moment you’ve got a landing page where non-subscribed people can try out the experience, please let me know so we can swap it out!


It’s now live on the website community page!

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