Playtable - Tabletop RPG System

Howdy, I’m working on a Virtual Tabletop software called Playtable. I just want to say, this forum, the resources, and the community have been absolutely VITAL in helping me create this startup. You are all absolutely amazing and I could not have done it without you.

I’m getting close to a public launch of my startup so I wanted to show it off a bit in it’s current form. The marketing page and videos are at

Some technical facts about the project

  • Front end is React, Backend is Node, Engine library is pure typescript
  • Server is running babylon and simulating all physics on the server
  • Real time networking with SocketIO (moving to WebRTC for UDP soon)

THis is excellent!
pinging @PirateJC to add you to our homepage

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Thanks… I plan to advertise babylonjs on my landing page soon as well!

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@jason.spafford - I’d love to add this to our homepage! Would you prefer I wait until you Startup goes public or is it ok to add this now?

Also - on a side note, when you do announce Playtable to the public, if you list @babylon.js in your tweet, we’d be happy to echo it out for you to hit our audience as well.

feel free to add it when ever… and yeah I’ll definitely @mention babylon!

It’s now live:

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I just figured I’d reply one more time here too, but we just finished a massive networking re-write and polish so we re-recorded all of our assets with licensed assets so our marketing page is officially live in in preparation for the launch with credit to babylon.js

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Yay!!! Congrats!!!