Feasibility of a 3D interactive visualization under babylon.js

I’m new here and I need your help :persevere::persevere::persevere:
I’ve to develop a 3d metro station interactive visualisation (I’ve SketchUp .skp files for my metro station).
you will find attached a video that shows a similar work
My question is to give me your opinion about the feasability of the 3d interface using babylon.js especialy that the client environment doesn’t support internet access, can I use the babylon.js librairie offline ?

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Hello and welcome!

There is no problem to use babylon.js offline. You just need to download the .js file locally.

Regarding your project video, I see no problem to do it with babylon.js

Thank you for your quick reply, I hope so especialy that I didn’t code with JS before :confounded::confounded::confounded:

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We have an extensive list of documentation and a quite active forum to help :slight_smile:

Yea I see, have a reply within 10 minutes, it’s interesting :yum: I’ll start by getting started.

So u told to load BJS files and I can use the librairie, and when I finish it will be a HTML file including JS scripts that use BJS librairie, so I need to move it to client machine, didn’t I ?


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At Sony Electronics we built two applications running offline at SXSW. Simply run your app locally by using the command prompt.


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Here is a great blog post about various options of making offline apps out of web tech -


Thank u for ur reply, I’ll check the blog peace :v:

Okay, I’ll try thank u :grinning::grinning::grinning:

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The article is quite extensive, however this only requires a few cmd commands. First, I recommend installing and running YARN to install and execute local code. Keep in mind that you should update yarn every week or so… or if you have any issues at all. Installing YARN is a foundation application. Once YARN is installed, you can then run an NPM local server. Single command.

Once the server is installed, then you run a second command to launch your code in the browser - I highly recommend Electron. Once YARN is installed it only takes two commands to run your web code locally.

I hope this makes sense.