Would babylon be a good fit for my project?

I’ve used bjs on a 3D project in the past and loved it, I’m now looking for a open source engine (low latency, good performance, able to render tons of 2D sprites on the scene), think Civilization kind of game, but with sprites and not 3D. The client GUI is the most important part (smooth, fast, responsive, good looking HQ). There will be a lot of data in the background that contain the units (entities) of the game, I will also be hitting the games endpoints for media assets but would be nice to serve all the content directly from the server.

What are your thoughts, I’m just looking for suggestions / advice?

I am way to biased to answer as I would definitely say a big YES but this is not the most unopiniated answer you could have.

I let the community take on this one :wink:

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I see a very active community :smiley: No I’m just playing around. Thanks Seb! What’s your UI frameworks you use (If any) for BJS?

If I do not need VR or in Game (3d) UI I d go with Html/JS and probably Vue or React. For any in game data or VR ones, I would use exclusively the Babylon GUI with its editor.

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