Featured demos – how to add one? (e.g. Github Skyline)

Hey there :wave:

Just discovered that Github uses Babylon for their “Skyline” page:

While it’s not exactly the most exciting thing to use, I think it’s great to see a company as reputable as Github use Babylon in production :muscle:

On a more general note – what’s the procedure for adding projects to the featured demos? I mean … I’d like to see my own project there eventually :sweat_smile:
Just open a PR? Discuss here in the forum upfront? Didn’t find anything about it using the forum and website searches, so here I am asking.


Just found out that there’s a “submit” link at the veeeery bottom (you have to do some serious scrolling – might be worth putting it somewhere more visible), which points to:

So I guess I should post the Github thingy there, even though it’s not mine. Closing this :slight_smile:

Sorry for the noise :see_no_evil: