Figma To BabylonJS Runtime Issues

back from vacation, found the issue, and will be in the next release.

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Boom, the issue was fixed and a lot of new features got launched with it.

Yo @jamessimo

Love the new plugin look and feel, with the tabs, with the images and the CHK options… But there are still issues with funny vales for LEFT and TOP.

Here is the figma, the Game_background4 parent container for the image should be 0 top left:

But the exported json put some weird value in left:

Screenshot 2023-08-14 at 9.30.27 AM

Yo @jamessimo … with the new ./images support… does that mean there is no more: ./imagecontroldefault.jpg support ?

Huh… thats a floating point error. Will fix asap.

For the images.

If you don’t select “Include Images” I think it will use the old system. If you use the Include images it works like


Yes we no longer use ./imagecontroldefault.jpg All images now go to folder you specify.

{FolderYouSpecify} + {LayerName} + “.png” (JPEG support is coming later).

I did find a bug where the folder name isn’t getting updated if you dont select “Include Images” will fix that as well.

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I updated the plugin. I made some changes but had issues duplicating your issue with floating point numbers. Let me know you still have the issue and if you want, send me the .fig file and ill have a look into it.

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