GUI corner radius artifacts

I have a repro PG:
PGDemo | Babylon.js Playground (

This is likely a bug, but want to make sure I haven’t done something that is not supported. Is there a way to avoid these screen artifacts or am I tripping out? Notice tracer dots remain (same behaviour 4.2 and latest 5.0):

I remember having bugs like this when I wasn’t repainting enough of the screen (invalidate rect) when I used to write windows controls… yikes! If you scroll back left it will erase the artifacts, so that’s what made me think of that…

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ping @msDestiny14

You are right looks like the texture is not cleared big enough !!! like 0.5 px or smthg of the sort.

You can setup advancedTexture.useInvalidateRectOptimization = false;

@Deltakosh might have an idea but I guess the rounded circle antialiased so it is reaching past the rect we should draw in (a shame there is no scissor rect in canvas2d ;-))?

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I’ll check that today :slight_smile:

Will be fixed with next nightly :wink: