Find a tag of a physical body imported from Blender3D in .babylon format

Hello, I am investigating the topic of physical bodies in blender3D since it is possible to export them to babylon using the official exporter.
The issue is that if I add a tag, that tag seems to be in the mesh of the object, worse not in the physical body since I can’t detect the object collision using the tag.

In the .babylon file we see that the label and the physical parameters are there.

I mean there are 2 problems that I can’t solve:
Access the PhysicsImpostor of the imported object from Blender3D and save it in a variable
Check the tag of that physical object imported from blender3D and then use it in collisions.

        var colisionBaja  = scene.getNodeByName("columnaFisicoInferior");
        console.log(BABYLON.Tags.GetTags( colisionBaja ))//WORK
        console.log(BABYLON.Tags.GetTags( colisionBaja.PhysicsImpostor ))//NO WORK

File exported from Blender3D in .babylon format (8.6 KB)

There will be some way to modify the .babylon file to add the tag to the physical body.

pinging @PirateJC

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Maybe @JCPalmer can help with this?

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