Find Panel (node) by Name not returning results

I have a simple SpherePanel GUI object and I want to toggle it’s visibility on and off. I gave the panel a name and thought that I could use that name to query the panel in the scene later on. I can’t seem to find the panel when I look for it

    let name = "panelName";
    let findPanel = scene.getNodeByName(name);
    console.log("panel: ", findPanel); // showing as null
    //findPanel.isVisable = !panel.isVisable; // undefined because I can't find the panel by name

Is there a better way to find this panel?

Here is a basic playground with the named panel.

The 3D GUI elements are created in a utility layer scene, so you won’t find them in the regular scene.

This utility scene can be found on GUI3DManager.utilityLayer.utilityLayerScene.

Also, the panel is created with the default name ContainerNode. If you want to change this name, you need to override the _createNode function:

_createNode(scene) {
    return new TransformNode("ContainerNode", scene);

Lastly, you need to use the setEnabled method of the node class to show/hide the panel.

Here’s a PG with those changes:

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Wow I guess I was way off track. I assumed that naming the panel using its name property would be the direction to go. It seems that property is of no use here. I removed the calls to and used the method you described to rename the panel. Updated playground

Somehow I missed the line in the documentation about the utility scene. I had no idea a scene could have other scenes inside it. Weird, but kind of awesome.

Thanks for your help :grinning: