Firefox and Safari enterPointerlock() issue when trying to rotate player

I’ve asked this before but hoping there’s been a fix.

I’m working in Safari and Firefox and I have it so when the user left clicks in the scene I fire off a onPointerDown and the mouse movement then controls the rotation of the first person controls rotation.
On Firefox and Safari it locks the cursor so I’m unable to control rotation:

Is there any way to get around this at the moment?

Hum…maybe a repro will help us figure out what is the issue :slight_smile:

I’ll get that up, thanks.

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@Deltakosh You can try to use this is either Safari or Firefox, (works in Chrome):

Ok I see…Actually Firefox and Safari are a bit picky regarding events :slight_smile:
here is your fix:

Check lines #17 and #18


Amazing! Thank you so much!