A space RPG/EV clone

Source code:
Feature Write-up: FlyThrough.Space: Alpha Release – The Roohr Way

Thanks for all of the help-being able to get Q&A support here has made this project possible. I plan to keep tinkering with it, but it finally seems ready for a public release. Criticism is welcome, but I should note that since it’s written in JS by a Python programmer and hasn’t seen the light of day since the project started in 2015, it’s a bit idiosyncratic. Apart from Babylonjs, it’s written in vanilla JS, meaning no precompilers or typescript. The variable names are mostly snake cased rather than camel cased. I never did decide on a single preferred way to iterate over objects, so there’s a mix of let...of and .forEach which is sort of gross. Also, I decided, in my infinite wisdom, to write a GUI framework on top of the one provided by Babylonjs. That’s probably the tipping point where the project went from achievable to doomed. No matter. I hope someone gets a kick out of it at least.