Mayhem: Relaunched - remake of a QBasic game

Hey, I finally have released my first Babylon.js game.

The development went over a longer period with many breaks and some refactorings. Now everything feels right, from the intro UI to the game over UI. :slight_smile:


Nice. Real cool. But too hard or I am not used to play these games anymore :wink:
Did you add gravity to the scene? It’s like I cannot maintain with the position of the spaceship. Honestly, I don’t remember the original, so it might just be me. Apart from that seems to work really fine.

Every movement is done via the ammo.js physics plugin (ships, bullets, debris). And there is gravity, which makes the controls not so easy, but that is part of the game.

There is a youtube video of someone else showing the original MAYHEM.BAS in action:

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Yes, I was afraid it would be that. Looks like my old bones lost their skills :older_adult: :wink:. I’m gonna need some more training :mechanical_arm:. When you think of it, these old fashion games were actually quite hard. I also had the same ridiculous score with ‘space invaders:grin:
Anyways, it works beautifully and I think can be considered as one of the great new addings of vintage games using BJS. GJ, Congrats :champagne:

Super cool! I agree the UI looks super clean and well done :smiley:

Niiiiice I love retro gaming so much lol :slight_smile: cc @PirateJC

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@maz this is rad! Are you on twitter? I’d love to tweet about this from the official Babylon account!

Hey, I don’t have a Twitter account, but feel free to tweet about this project. I want great publicity! :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile: