Focus 360 - MultiPoint VR Tour


Wrote this about a year ago, I’ve was waiting to upgrading it to WebVR, but that’s still some time off so I wanted to share this now.

Uses Babylonjs 2.5 and VR is implemented using some old techniques but still works pretty well.


Nice way to handle position transitions!

Are your renderfarms still alive after rendering more than 500 images? :smiley:


Really cool! do you plan to move to bjs4.0?

Also pinging @PirateJC fyi


PirateJC right now :smiley:


Yeah, I’m working on an updated version in 3.3 right now. I guess I should look at 4, since it’ll be likely be ‘stable’ by the time I get this done. It’s not top priority at the moment.

Yeah, it’s heavy on the render side. 3dsMax and Vray. This is one of the larger one’s we’ve done. When I created it we did a little studio. I’ve many optimizations going in v.2