Follow Camera + animation groups

Hey Guys, i have a scene with a imported glb model that was animated in blender, and i would like to figure out how to make the follow camera follow the model.

I was fiddling around a lot till i realised that the model mesh position stays the same, and in follow camera examples you always see mesh position changing. And in my case, i suppose the animation groups are what changes the model’s position?

Would anyone know if this line of thought is correct and how would one solve it? (you have to zoom out a bit to see the stage and the model)

thanks in advance!

Hi N… sorry for the lack of replies. Were you able to find another solution?

I think I understand the issue. When a model’s position never changes, and it is instead animated via transforming (moving/scaling) the model’s vertex coordinates (often called positionKind), the followCamera doesn’t know what/how to follow.

There’s really two possible solutions… neither are “graceful” or necessarily wise.

  1. Overload/modify the followCamera to ALLOW a vertex (or a group of vertices who have their positionKind data “averaged”/“summed”)… to be used as a followCam target. This would require some model positionKind data querying/preprocessing… prior to each followCamera update. (yech)

  2. Somehow “attach” an invisible basic primitive (like a sphere or box) onto a vertex or group of averaged vertices of the model. In other words, somehow attach a “legal followCam target”… to the animated vertices of the model. (another yech).

Let’s listen for more comments. Yes, I know, I know, you have been listening for comments for a LONG time… sorry about that.

This is an interesting issue/topic. Your use-case MIGHT BE substantiation/justification… to modify/enhance the BJS followCamera… to allow it to follow a vertex (a positionKind value).

Perhaps followCameras SHOULD have dual “target modes”. Follow the target’s position, or follow the target’s 5th vertex (for example). hmm… worthy of a good beard-scratching.

I think standard followCamera’s also deal-with target rotation, and that characteristic is not available when following a single animated vertex. BUT, rotational data COULD be available… IF the target were a GROUP of vertices… perhaps. That’s not an easy calculation, though.

Calculating if/how a GROUP of vertices has rotated during a frame of vertex animation… “feels” beyond the intelligence of a followCamera, and could easily bog-down the camera’s follow-updating.

Have I analyzed this TO DEATH, yet? :slight_smile: @nejurgis… I think you deserve an in-depth pondering… considering you’ve waited patiently for SO LONG. You sure know how to ask a difficult question. :slight_smile:

Maybe someone has other ideas. Stay tuned and stay well.

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