Fps to time and server

I’m sure you all use delta to adjust for time discrepancies. That is ok. Usually works. When does it not work and why?
a) Not online / Lag
b) Angular motion
c) Speed

You’re algorithm needs to take into consideration all things related.
It’s like i’m at xyzt. (position, time).
Now there’s each client, and the server.
You can work that out for best effect for each player.
Math ahead…
jk… (figure it out)

partial answer…
create a vec4.
position and ~time.
there is my time, server time, and other client time. so…

solve for time.
adjust for time.

what if someone is way out of time? (ie, super lagged out, or just cross planet)?
that is dev. that is to figure.

example from life:
I play tf2, fragmasters lazytown. (snow).
I’m in reno. server is in london.
my ping is 165.
still, it works. that is awesome.
i play tactically, so my ping < my skill.
game dev