HavokPhysics issue with low deltaTime < 4 ms

I’m having an issue where when I use higher FPS (Unlock FPS on the browser) or using a monitor that’s (240hz, 350hz, or 540hz), I have issues because of the deltaTime. so 1000 / 540 = 1.85 deltaTime will make the targets move faster than normal with physicsBody applyForce.

I tested everything, and I still get the same issue. I just want at least to be able to get 500fps. I’m limiting the deltaTime to 4ms minimum right now so I can get the same results as it seems like 4ms minimum deltaTime has matching results across all devices.

Before anyone ask me why you need high FPS because I developed an aim trainer that a lot of people will use have higher frames. You can test here, but it’s limited to 4ms for physics regardless of what FPS you can run. https://staging.easyaim.com

cc @eoin / @Cedric

Do you instanciate the plugin with fixed timestep and then call setTimeStep on the plugin with the corresponding value?
Did you try to apply impulse instead of applyForce?
Can you repro in a PG?